Welcome to Xilverback

Xilverback provide you with all the know-how and expertise you need to be successful in the iGaming industry. We advise new and existing organisations with focus on creating a sustainable and successful business within your chosen core markets.

Interim Management

Do you need an interim manager executing the business plan? Do you need a manager executing uncomfortable decisions?

Marketing & Sales

Do you need a Marketing & Sales consultant to increase your sales and ROMI? Do you need someone to help your CMO overseeing and advising in marketing investments?

Business Development

Do you need a business developer helping your with your expansion? Are you uncertain which markets or which products you should choose?

Affiliate Marketing

Are you thinking of adding an affiliate program to your business? Are you uncertain how to proceed, which software you should use and how you should set it up?

Performance Management

Do you feel that your staff is not performing as they should? Is it hard to oversee your staffs performance? Are you missing any policies regarding appraisal and evaluation processes.

Business Advisor

A leader should listen 90% and talk 10%. Are you listening to your management group? Do you need someone advising you during difficult processes?

How we help

Your organisational structure is your blueprint of your production facility. Do you experience a decrease in performance? Does it feel like the organisation cannot handle all tasks needed despite new recruitments and an increase in headcount? Let us guide you through your organisational structure so you can handle the pressure today and be prepared for tomorrow.
Working with marketing and sales can be frustrating as you will get positive and negative feedback contradicting each other. Acquisition and retention work together but are at the same time separated and can be hard to oversee.
We have experienced this first hand and we know it can be hard to find the keys to solve the situation and turn it around. When you see an increase in revenues, an increase in performance and project pipeline is under control, you will trust your managers and your employees. If this change and you cannot find a quick solution, your trust will be affected and this can be the start of a negative spiral. We will quickly analyse your situation and together with you set a plan to turn it around as quickly as possible.
Many start-ups will fail after being launched due to a poor business plan. It is very common that start-ups use a turn-key solution or white label as a quick and simple solution to start the business. This is usually the main problem as a turn-key solution or a white label is not a short cut creating a successful business, it is a short cut time wise, launching your brand and nothing else.

Our work is dedicated to Efficiency, Quality and Results!